Hello! I am Samra. I am a graduate engineer who later realized (a bit late I think ) that my true passion in life is to cook and lead my way to being a master chef some day! I used to cook food from my teenage days and my sibs and parents always loved them. Life went on with different experimentation on recipes.

Later I moved to a hostel to pursue my undergrad degree where I really enjoyed cooking with friends. We were a group of six friends who used to celebrate occasions such as birthdays by cooking festive dishes by ourselves as there very limited opportunities to dine out.

And then I got married in 2012 and moved to my husband’s place. His job was at a chemical manufacturing site in the middle of nowhere. Again, there were no food outlets to satisfy our culinary cravings. Once my husband asked me to bake a cake for him (he is very fond of tea cakes). I had never baked anything back then. I took my Mom’s help who enrolls me into a baking class and gave me some tips. My first baking attempt was to bake a rose shaped cake for my husband. The cake turned out to be rock shaped instead (which led me to change the narrative from ‘a love that blossoms like a rose’ to ‘a relationship that is solid like a rock’). But the taste was great, and everyone loved it. That was the start of a very happening journey towards developing professional culinary skills.
My husband would request new and exotic dishes which he had found on his social media feed (steaks, salads, burgers, desserts) and I would practice and master them using a combination of internet search, expert opinion from friends, and the innate cooking sense (well, I’ve sensed it inside of me). Perhaps my husband would like to add his food critic skills to this list as well.
Another factor (or challenge?) which helped me improve my dishes to perfection was the regular dinners and brunches which we hosted at our place (remember there were no eateries around us, well this is how we survive here). At some point I realized that I have enough content to run an active food blog which are in vogue for the last couple of years.
Frequent requests from friends for sharing my recipes encouraged me further. Thus, was born the recipe club on Facebook and Instagram. I have frequently shared my best recipes on these platforms since 2018. Those who followed my recipes got in touch with me to take custom tips and suggestions on issues they faced. This led me to think of ideas to make the entire endeavor a bit more formal and give my followers a platform where they are more comfortable in interacting with me and can conveniently follow my blog.
Hence, I pulled out the long-forgotten computer engineer from inside of me and built this website TheHomeCuisine. Its the beginning of a new chapter in my life. I hope to share happiness and love of food with you all and meet exciting new people and build long lasting friendships. Do try whatever you like from my recipes and get in touch with me for feedback, help, suggestions or just to say hello!
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